Performance of Digital Marketing in Egypt in 2017

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Worldwide Overview

The online world experienced breathtaking development in 2016, with the pace of progress quickening crosswise over every single key pointer versus 2015.

• 3.77 billion worldwide internet users in 2017

• 2.80 billion worldwide social media users in 2017,

• 4.92 billion worldwide mobile users in 2017

• 2.56 billion worldwide mobile social media users in 2017

• 1.61 billion worldwide e-commerce users in 2017

The pace of progress was a key story in a year ago’s Digital in 2016 report as well, however considering that worldwide web infiltration has now outperformed half, we were astounded by how much the rate of progress kept on quickening in the course of recent months:

• Internet users developed by 10% of every 2016, up 354 million contrasted with 2015

• Active social media users expanded by 21%, up 482 million versus 2015

• Unique mobile users developed by 5%, up 222 million in the course of recent months

• Mobile social media users developed by 30%, up to a noteworthy 581 million out of 2016

Internet users developed by somewhat more than they did in 2015, while online networking and versatile web-based social networking clients were up by more than twofold the quantity of new clients we revealed a year ago. The rate of development for one of a kind versatile client expanded by the greater part contrasted with a year ago, with 81 million all the more new clients in 2016 contrasted with the development we announced in a year ago’s examination.

Regional Overviews

Computerized in Africa became just marginally in 2017, despite the fact that the internet user information we’re announcing this year mirrors some noteworthy source redresses versus our 2016 report. Specifically, the quantity of internet user detailed by official hotspots for Egypt, Malawi, and Eritrea have all been amended down impressively, which has the impact of refuting a large number of the increases posted by different countries.

Be that as it may, 7 of the 10 quickest developing web populaces on the planet are in Africa, with the quantity of clients announced in Ethiopia dramatically multiplying versus the numbers we detailed a year ago. Less than one out of three individuals crosswise over Africa approaches the web today, however, and current development patterns propose we’ll be well into the 2020s preceding we see web entrance levels over the landmass pass the half check.

On an all the more promising note, however, versatile online networking use in Africa expanded by almost half in 2016, in spite of the fact that at only 12% entrance over the locale, there’s still bounty more space to develop.

The Middle East claims the top spot in the current year’s development rankings, however, with every single key pointer indicating noteworthy development. Web clients are up 15% year-on-year, with the local aggregate quickly approach the 150 million stamp.

Online networking use general grew an amazing 47% in the previous a year, with versatile web-based social networking up 44%. Infiltration for both key social pointers stays beneath 40% however, so there’s still a lot of space for more great development in 2017.

Global Facebook Users

Facebook global monthly active users recorded 1.78 billion users with the end of the 3rd quarter, 2016. The USA leads the Global Facebook users with about 200 Million users that are representing about 11.7% of the global Facebook users. Egypt is ranked the 12th among the world countries in terms of the number of Facebook users.

Regional Facebook Users

Egypt leads among the Arab countries with its 33 million Facebook users that are representing about 26.4% of Facebook users in the Arab world (125 million users).

However, in terms of penetration Qatar leads, while Egypt comes at the 12th place among the 20 Arabian countries.

Usage Insights

Internet users benefited the most form the internet for socializing and for learning:

  • Better social activity and networking
  • More learning opportunities and resources
  • Wider variety of goods and services to choose from
  • Better choice from the available goods and services
  • Getting the needed support in personal emergencies
  • More interaction with the community and civic organizations
  • More interaction with the business organizations
  • More interaction with the governmental organizations and agencies

Trust Vs. Online Ads Formats /Channels

Ads displayed via Social channels are the most trusted

  1. Social media advertising (e.g. Facebook…
  2. Displayed in search results
  3. Mobile SMS
  4. Online video (in-video advertising)
  5. Mobile (applications)
  6. Email advertising
  7. Display and banner advertising

Trust Vs. Sectors

Ads from technology sector are the most trusted

  1. Technology
  2. Communication
  3. Events & Entertainment
  4. Home Appliances
  5. Home Furniture & Home Products
  6. Tourism & Travel
  7. Retail & Shopping
  8. Food and Beverages
  9. Jobs & Training
  10. Automotive & Related
  11. Media
  12. Housing & Real Estate
  13. Business & Professional Services
  14. Cosmetics & Pharmaceuticals
  15. Financial Services

Once interesting, and trusted the INITIAL responses to Ads would be Search or Click

  • 44%: I searched for the product/brand using a search engine
  • 40%: I clicked on the Ad itself
  • 36%: I investigated the product/brand through online communities and discussions
  • 24%: I just ignored the Ad
  • 23%: I typed the company website address into the browser and visited
  • 18%: I shared to my online contacts & networks

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