How Will You Enhance Your HEALTH?

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The wisest, among us, realizes, there is nothing, as truly important, and essential, as our personal HEALTH , and well – being! While, some people, are blessed with healthier, better, family histories, than others, often, the essential difference, in the long-term, is whether we pay attention, to what makes feel and act better, and reduces unwanted risks, etc. Healthy living and a healthier life, are often, based, on how we live, what we do, and whether we proceed, with a positive, can – do, attitude, rather than a pessimistic, problematic one! With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, identify, examine, consider, and review, using the mnemonic approach, why, this is, such a relevant, important consideration.

1. Healing; healthy; humane; humble: We maximize personal healing, when / if, our focus is on the best way, to remain, as healthy, as possible. This, often, requires, proceeding, with an open – mind, and considering the options, rather than, automatically, resorting to medicines, etc. Medicines may, temporarily reduce your symptoms, but, are not you better off, when you focus on the causes, and proceed, in a holistic manner? When one shows, in a humane manner, he normally, feels better about himself, and those, who are humble, enough, to admit, they do not have all the answers, are often, better served!

2. Emphasis; energy; excellence: How will you determine your personal emphasis, in terms of taking care, of yourself? Will you focus on personal excellence, and adhering to combining a sensible, exercise, and diet plan, as well as regularly, having a check-up, to ensure, all is okay? This combination, often, lets you proceed, with the best, overall, energy!

Attitude; attention; actions; alternatives: Proceed with a true, positive, can – do attitude, and pay attention, to the best way, to live a happier, healthier life! Let your actions match your intentions, and commit to an action plan, which works, effectively, for you! Investigate the alternatives, and options, and be a happier, healthier person.

4. Listen; learn: Never assume, and effectively listen, so you might, learn, and understand, the best way, to make you happier, and healthier! The more you open – your – mind, and focus on a thorough, wellness plan, the better, you will, generally, feel!

5. Timely: Never procrastinate, but, commit, to proceeding, in a timely way, when it comes, to addressing ailments, symptoms, etc. Carefully select your health professionals, and discuss, your philosophy, so you might, remain on the same – page!

6. Happiness: Many studies have indicated, those with true happiness, often, experience the best health! If you can be, truly happy, and follow, your personal objectives, and needs, the results are often, superb!

Do not just talk about being healthy, but live a lifestyle, which enhances your personal HEALTH! Will you commit, to doing, what's best, for you?

Source by Richard Brody

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