The Risk/ Reward Approach, To Healthier Living

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Have you ever watched, or heard, an advertisement, for a specific drug, or treatment, where it seems, more than half the time, is spent, mentioning the side – effects, potential ramifications/ dangers, etc? While this may, be acceptable, when it comes to treating life – threatening conditions, and issues, I feel, it doesn’t make sense, for other conditions. When you hear, an advertisement, for a treatment for toe fungus, and, the potential risks, seem ominous, have you ever wondered, why, anyone, would take that option? Even, other, more significant ailments, may have various options and alternatives, in terms of treatments, so shouldn’t we, consider, the risk/ reward. and proceed, intelligently, and accordingly? With that in mind, this article will briefly consider, examine, review, and discuss, some examples, and try to make, some sense, out of these considerations.

1. How serious is the condition?: If the condition is serious, enough, and, especially, is it’s life – threatening, such as treating cancer, and other illnesses, and conditions, the risks, are more acceptable than when it’s not! One of the dangers, is, in the United States, we often proceed, with using allopathy, or chemical – drugs, as a primary, basic treatment, rather than as a reliable, later resort, like much of the rest of the world, does. When we use drugs, such as antibiotics, when they are unnecessary, we often, diminish their capability, when they might be needed, and necessary! Wouldn’t it make, more sense, to treat many issues, by addressing causes, rather than covering – up, symptoms? There are many effective, alternative treatments, than might be safer, and, in the longer – term, a healthier approach. Isn’t that a primary appeal, of a wellness – approach, to healthier living?

2. Alternative treatments: Physicians should rule – out, acute illnesses, diseases, and ailments, before advising, beginning with an alternative. Some effective alternatives, which might be helpful, for certain conditions, include: therapeutic massage therapy; acupuncture; chiropractor; Reiki, Ayuverdic, and herbal, etc. These, generally, have few contraindications, as long as performed, by a licensed, experienced, health professional.

3. A healthier, you!: It’s your health, and well – being, so take some control of it, and consider, the potential, of a wellness approach! Using a logical, well – informed, combination of conventional medicine, alternative approaches, and a mind/ body balance, often creates the finest approach. Interview open – minded, properly trained professionals, and use the team, which will make you experience, the happiest, healthiest life!

Use the risk/ reward, focus, to healthy living. The better you feel, the happier you are, the best possibilities!

Source by Richard Brody

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