Treatment of Tinnitus Using Natural Ingredients

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When the underlying disease, which causes symptoms of tinnitus, has been evaluated then choosing a treatment of tinnitus will not be a big problem. Most of the treatments will only quiet the ringing sound, which the patient hears, but this will not permanently remove the ringing. Several medical conditions can cause ringing in the ears.

Some of the problems identified to be a cause of ringing in the ears are ear infections, osteosclerosis, affected ear wax, hole in the ear drum, ototoxic drugs, poor blood circulation, stress, allergies, hypo tension or hypertension, metabolic disorders, tumor , lyme disease and menieres disease. In some cases, they are unable to identify the causes. When they are unable to confirm the causes then they will just treat the ringing in the ears itself.

A wide range of natural treatments is available for ringing in the ears. These remedies may work for some but not for others. Treatments should be based on case to case.

Some of the natural treatments are homeopathy, diet, relaxation and meditation, herbal therapy and reflexology. The diet consent would be inclusion of vitamin and mineral enriched diets. Along with minerals and vitamins, you can include potassium, vitamins A, magnesium and vitamins C, panthothenic acid, manganese and bioflavonoids.

To help manage ringing in the ears you can take homeopathic medicines. To help circulatory problems you can use ginkgo biloba and other herbal supplements. This will help the blood circulation to the brain. Ginkgo will only take effect in a few weeks or even in some cases months. You could also use an herb called rehmannia or feverfew and hawthorn to treat ringing in the ears.

Stress can affect a person with tinnitus worse. As Treatment of tinnitus, they would use meditation and relaxation. They could also use things like medications, hearing aids and other therapies. This will result in effective but temporary relief. Try avoiding intake of caffeine, nicotine and alcohol. A low sodium diet could help. Ringing in the ears can be noticed much more at nighttime and it could help to turn on a TV and select an empty channel.

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