The Secret and the Science of Getting Rich

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"The secret" got phenomenal success as it touched the lives of millions of viewers who saw it and actually started applying the Law of Attraction in everyday life. Not that we were not aware about the Law of Attraction. It has been around for a long time now with philosophers and thinkers offering their take on it. They unanimously believed that it was possible to produce seemingly impossible results at will if one focused only on positive thoughts and actions. Reverend Dr Michael Beckwith happened to be one of the most inspiring teachers associated with the movie. By the time he reached the age of 30, he decided to establish his own church that is a classic example of interracial and interdenominational harmony. The church undertakings various campaigns such as supporting orphanages, providing food to homeless and destitute people, helping ALDS survivors, and so on.

He has taken part in "The Secret seminars" that were conducted in the United States to promote the Law of Attraction and the secret of getting rich. He opined that the real message of the movie is not about getting things fast in life. It's all about bringing about a change internally in the way you think so that this change is manifested in your real life. Since prosperity and money also happens to be an important aspect of your life, you must use the universal law to stabilize it along with other structures in life such as mental and emotional health. Only through these changes, can you really make yourself a beneficial presence on this Earth.

The teacher of the "secret" Dr Michael Beckwith, played a huge role in making the Law of Attraction a household term. His selfless service to mannish demonstrates his vision to create a world that is united on an ethical basis of humankind's spiritual and social development.

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