Early Childhood Education Level Mentorship – Beginning of Holistic Human Capital Development Journey

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The early childhood education mentorship is aimed at the practitioners that are charged with the responsibility of taking care of the children at the centers like kindergarten on behalf of the busy parents.

However, it has become a foundational necessity that even those parents that are not necessarily busy must see a need to send their children to an early childhood development centers like kindergarten.

Children must be exposed to multiple early childhood programmes and centers other than kindergarten. Here we see a big role by the retired professionals. They are experienced in parenting and guardianship. They will also inform the curriculum development processes. This ensures that curriculum that is culturally responsive is followed. It will accommodate the traditional approaches that are deemed relevant in this modern era.

The children are our future. They carry our culture, including languages. The teaching of the African languages, in the case of South Africa, must happen at the early childhood centers level. There are many linguists and retired professionals who could teach children pure African languages. By the way, this includes the tradition of delivering knowledge through story telling, plus fairytales being told by the elders.

We must fight all the evil deeds like drug trafficking that are targeting the children. This kind of mentorship supports the initiatives of the practitioners against such ills in the society. All children, irrespective of their parents’ status are entitled to high quality early childhood care and education, plus professional mentorship.

The Early Childhood Level Education Mentorship Programme is the beginning of the Holistic Human Capital Development Journey. It is a foundation of a life long learning. If established well from the beginning these children becomes valuable members of the society and the world at large. This is the level at which the society must throw all its resources and efforts to get the education of the society right. The best education and human capital me girls are needed at this level.

Nobody argues with the fact that education at this level should without any doubt be free, including feeding scheme. We get it wrong here, the whole country will suffer the consequences in the future. The long-term implications are dire. Mentors must be made available by the state to support all those early childhood centers that are public and non-profit making. These mentors must be qualified and be credentialed by reputable professional mentorship associations.

We invite all those that are interested in Early Childhood Education Mentorship to registered with us and become our Associate Mentors in this field.

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