No Middle Road to Treat Candida With Both Alternative and Integrative Medicine

Published On June 5, 2019 | By Les Ouvriers De Jésus Christ | Uncategorized

There are reasons why people should not follow the doctors who are trying to promote integrative medicine rather than alternative medicine to treat candida. These types of doctors are trying to live on both sides of the fence. They want to give out drugs, please the AMA and FDA, and be popular by both groups that hate doctors and those that love them. They do not want to see allopathic medicine go down the tubes and fail so they are trying to promote it as something like the best of both worlds.

Allopathic medicine is in direct opposition to alternative. There is no middle road and there is no way they can work together. One attacks and kills disease at the expense of the individual's health and the other works to build the body and immune system, so the body can get well and be healthy. A doctor that gives drugs with vitamins is no better than one that gives drugs alone. A poison is a poison even if it is given with an after dinner mint.

Several authors call candida / yeast and fungus the root of all disease. As an example, cholesterol medicines are called "statins". One of the most powerful medicines for candida is called Nystatin because it is a statin that was discovered in New York. So, we kill candida with a statin and we deal with cholesterol by using statins. What does that tell you about the source behind high cholesterol? If the medical establishment (gag) was to acknowledge candida and systemic fungus, they would start using anti-fungals, diseases would be cured and their whole basis for disease, numerous drugs and treatments would be blown to hell. They could never afford to acknowledge systemic candida.

I hope that whoever is paying doctor like this to be the spokesman for integrative medicine fails miserably. I hope the public can see through the BS and resist this movement.

Source by Angie Lindsey

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