Enhancing Our Health: The ALTERNATIVE Approach

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We all have many options, when it comes to maintaining the finest aspects of our personal health. There is no simple answer, but, often, how we proceed, makes a lot of difference, when it comes to whether, we proceed, with the utmost degree of wellness, and personal health/ happiness! Having served, at one time, as the Director of Operations, for a homeopathic drug company, as well as owned and managed a natural medicine distributor, plus, written a book, on natural alternatives, for stress relief, I have come, to strongly believe, we benefit, and enhance our personal health, when we better understand, consider, and utilize, an ALTERNATIVE approach, as a key component, of an overall, health and wellness, approach, and regimen, With that in mind, this article will attempt to briefly, review, consider, examine, and discuss, using the mnemonic approach, some of the key/ principal aspects, and considerations.

1. Alternative medicines: Alternative medicines, include: homeopathic, herbal, vitamins and supplements, etc. When these are used properly, and with knowledge, and understanding, they may enhance our personal health!

2. Learn: The more we learn about the alternatives, and understand, both, the indications, as well as limitations, we maximize our potential, for healthier living.

3. Trends; timely: The better we know the trends, and proceed, with an open – mind, and address health issues, in a timely way, addressing causes, rather than merely, symptoms, the better off, we generally are!

4. Energy: Many alternative remedies use, what is known, as energy – medicine, which address, the best possible way, to keep us healthiest! Many remedies, including homeopathic, several herbal, and treatments, such as acupuncture, consider energy, as a key component, of healthy living!

5. Realistic: Be realistic, enough, to recognize, and understand, no one, modality, is the only approach, and each has positives, as well as negatives. My personal belief, is reliable alternative approaches, should be the first line of resistance, and treatment, in many instances, especially, when it comes to non – life – threatening issues and circumstances!

6. Needs: Know what your body needs, and, seek to become healthier, by avoiding side – effects, for minor ailments.

7. Actions: Wellness requires understanding both the actions, and interactions, of potential treatments, and balancing the risks/ rewards, in an intelligent way!

8. Treatments: There is no treatment, which has only positives, with no negatives! The best treatments, consider both, allopathic, as well as alternative approaches, and treatments!

9. Integrative: Quality health care, should be integrative, integrating both conventional, as well as alternative treatments!

10. Vibrational: Some alternative treatments, such as homeopathy, are called, vibrational medicine, because, they work, on enhancing health, thoroughly and completely!

11. Emotional; excellence: Shouldn’t the goal of any treatment, be, treating the entire person’s health, and, this means, excellence, must include, understanding, emotional health, is a key consideration?

ALTERNATIVE health and medicine, is a needed, necessary, approach, to maximizing wellness. Open – your – mind, and consider options, etc!

Source by Richard Brody

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