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Mushrooms have long been noted for their many medicinal uses and New Chapter has captured them in a certified organic mycelial form which is rich in myconutrients and easy to digest. Medicinal mushrooms have become increasingly popular as more information is discovered regarding their unique immune enhancing capabilities. Reishi and Maitake are incredibly effective immune enhancers and are vital in the elimination of virus and disease bearing bacteria. New Chapter Mycomedicinals are proving their effectiveness in fighting off disease, boosting and maintaining the natural immune system's defences, and promoting good healthy bodies and minds.

Breathing is something we all must be able to do

Breathing is necessary and breathing deeply and correctly is what athletes and mountain climbers have in common. Also the rest of us must be able to inhale as well as exhale sufficiently to take in fresh oxygen and expel used air. Medicinal mushrooms aid our breathing by expanding our capacity and allowing us to breathe more deeply. New Chapter Vitamins and MycoMedicinals are all formulated to exacting standards to allow maximum benefits through natural support of lungs and respiration of air each time with every breath we take.

Organic translates to healthy

Organic food supplements are the healthy way to bolster the immune system and promote good health in both body and mind. All New Chapter products are organically derived with purity foremost in mind. Medicinal mushrooms contain polysaccharides which are immune enhancing compounds. Of the many different polysaccharides present, many are extremely beneficial to humans through enhancement of immunity, strong healthy lungs and respiratory activity, rebuilding brain and nerve tissue, reducing allergic symptoms, and providing a boost to heart health, energy, and blood sugar regulation.

New Chapter mushroom products come in capsule form for convenience and to assure freshness of the product.

The entire mushroom lifecycle matters

For over fifty years mushrooms have been the subject of research and are confirmed as a natural and unique class of therapeutics that can capably address a wide range of health related concerns. Mushrooms have various life cycles and each has been proven to be beneficial to the human body. New Chapter realizes that the entire life cycle of the whole mushroom is essential to the promotion of good health and vitality.

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