Health Begins With Mothers

Published On October 2, 2019 | By Les Ouvriers De Jésus Christ | Uncategorized

Today, more than at any other time in the world's history, the future of any nation depends upon the health and well-being of its prospective mothers.

I say this after many years spent in the classroom of our youth and watching the change from politeness and respect (tinged with just a bit of larrikinism) into classrooms surfeit with unruly discipline, disobedience and downright disrespect.

ADHD (hyperactivity) now presents in an alarming rate in many of to-days children.

Convention of course treats symptoms and never, ever, gets close to the cause (s).

I'm going to suggest that perhaps we need to look a bit closer at our sociological and family framework to find some of the answer (s).

There are going to be many reasons for the disturbances in our children but one of the most important factors is the environment in which mothers find themselves prior to, during and immediately after conception.

The health and wealth of any mother and her offspring is directly dependent on the mother's nerve force.

To-days environment is without a doubt one of extreme stress – on all levels.

If we are going to resolve many of the discomforts attached to the lives of our children and subsequently our social status we are going to have to take better care of mothers.

Nature intended every prospective mother to live a calm and tranquil life and this can only be attained by a gradual slowing down of the vital process during pregnancy.

Rest is nature's way to health and happiness


Source by Kevin Hinton

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