Biotechnology – What Are the Career Options After That?

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Biotechnology is a bundle of techniques that are applied to living cells. The work of biotech engineer is to produce these living cells into a particular product of improved quality. This technology is the exploitation of natural resources at the microbial and molecular level for the benefit of mankind. It normally deals with the management of living organisms for improving the products, enhance plants and animals or generate microorganisms for making human life much better.

In today's world, biotechnology is related to the genetic information of living organisms that are called DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid). This high technology supports the transformation of so-called codes of nature. Students, who have keen interest in Biotechnology and want to make their bright future in this field, have a lot of career opportunities in this field. Students can do specialization in any of the six main fields of biotechnology.

1) Biomedical Engineer: – A biomedical engineer is an expert to form artificial body parts that are called prostheses. Students, who have specialization in this field, can make their career as physical therapists, computer hardware engineer, mechanical engineer and surgeons too.
2) Clinical Laboratory Technologists: – Students can also do specialization for checking the symptoms of any disease as well as to detect body fluids and tissues. In this field, one can work as a pathologist, chemist, biological or a material scientist.
3) Forensic Scientists: – A forensic scientist or crime laboratory analyst provides significant scientific information that can be crucial for the criminal proceedings. The career options of this field are detectives, archaeologists and anthropologists.
4) Pharmacists: – The work of pharmacists is to distribute medicines as well as guiding patients for correct medication and appropriate dosage. In this field, there are unlimited career options that include advanced practice nurses, anesthesiologists, psychiatrists and pharmacy technicians.
5) Medical Scientists: – A medical scientist conducts intensive research on bacteria and different viruses that are the root cause of various diseases and they utilize their research for creating a variety of medicines and vaccines to treat these diseases.
6) Biological Scientists: – This field includes the study of animals, plants and microscopic organisms. Students can work in various fields such as food and agricultural scientists, pharmacists, veterinarians, biomedical engineers, conservation, general practitioners.

In short, Biotechnology is one of the most prominent branches of future. This is an interdisciplinary science that relies on biology and other subjects as mathematics, physics, chemistry and engineering. After completing this course, one can easily get a good job in this field.

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