Healing: God Is a Healer

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“Then your light shall break forth like the dawn, and healing shall spring up quickly.”

– Isaiah 58:8

When someone you love is sick or when you are sick, you should pray for God’s healing powerto wash over you. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t see a doctor or take full advantage of all of the opportunities that medical science has to offer. Always consult with a medical professional regarding your health problems. I don’t recommend abandoning medical or surgical treatments and using only prayer; I feel that a complimentary approach is best. The combination of medicine and prayer can be very powerful and I think a lot of people today misunderstand and think that we can’t use both.

Through prayer, we acknowledge that there is a greater wisdom and higher power than anything on earth. We get in touch with that power and ask that god bring miracles and His love into our lives, but we don’t have to turn our backs on the rich and varied medical traditions available here on earth when we do pray, because God heals in many ways:

God heals through doctors and nurses. He has given these professionals their God-given talents and abilities so that, through them, he can touch the lives of people every day in millions of ways both great and small. It is one of the main reasons he creates each of us with unique talents and interests – so that each of us can become someone special and unique who will touch others and, in some cases, heal others.

So when we pray, we should pray that God will guide the hearts and hands of the doctors, nurses and surgeons who are taking care of our loves ones or ourselves.

God can perform miracles of healing. Although we may find it difficult to ask for a miracle, God rejoices in our faith when we believe that He can cure the hopelessly sick and He sometimes does perform miracles. Ask and don’t be afraid – God listens to our prayers.

God heals by providing comfort and strength. Not every patient recovers and not everyone is healed; that is what we sometimes find most unfathomable about God’s ways. While many people recover from an illness, some do not. But the power of prayer is amazing! Even doctors and researchers have confirmed that people who pray feel less pain and are stronger and more at peace than those who don’t. Perhaps we need to look at the power of prayer in this light – God heals us not only when He heals our illness, but when He touches us to take away the hurt and bring us spiritual comfort and ease. His love touches us not only physically but spiritually and emotionally.

Remember that God is the supreme healer and pray for His intercession:

Let Us Pray- The God Who Heals

Dear Heavenly Father,

You are my help in every need. I know that nothing is too hard for you. Heavenly Father, I am praying and believing now for the complete healing and restoration of (fill-in-the-blank with your health concerns). Help those who are caring for me; guide their hearts and hands as they care for me. Grant me the peace and strength I need to cope in the days ahead.

Knowing my oneness with you, Heavenly Father, I experience true healing.

Thank you, Lord, for sending your word and your healing power.

In Jesus’ name,


With absolute faith and trust in God, we affirm oneness with the mighty healing power of God. Thank You, God, for healing us in every needed way. We are healthy and strong because of our Heavenly Father.

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