Future Trends of Botox Treatments

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New advances in our understanding of aging skin, and the genetic code have lead to the understanding that a key element of youthful skin starts to break down after puberty. That element is human elastin. Without it, skin starts to sag, and wrinkles set in. Break-through is the key to regenerating and restoring a more youthful appearance, not just stopping the aging process, but truly rejuvenating skin to a younger, healthier look and feel.

It is a well established fact that individuals do not produce elastin after their teen years. Gradually, over time, elasticity begins to diminish, much like an elastic waist band looses its stretch over time. Unfortunately, the skin's ability to restore elasticity leaves us at an early age. Science, has deciphered the gene responsible for it's production, and has been able to reproduce laboratory pure human elastin. Initially, this science was applied to wounds, with improved healing. The US government even supported this research through government grants. Following these remarkable results, a topical cream containing human 100% pure Tropoelastin, was applied to sun damaged skin. Again, the results were monitored by the doctors, patients and by various sophisticated laboratory instruments. The initial studies were performed at Thomas Jefferson University Medical School.

Indeed, it is now a well established fact that human elastin, when applied to sun damaged skin, can restore a more youthful appearance, and help repair and rejuvenate sun damaged and aged skin. The science of human genetics and its understanding is now available in topical forms for application to aging skin. Many manufactures claim to now have 'elastin' added to their skin formulation, however, most have elastin that has its origin from cow or horse tissues. These molecules are very large in comparison to human elastin, and in fact, may have difficulty affecting human skin elasticity, and may also have potential for causing allergic reactions.

When looking for a skin cream, make sure it is 'laboratory grade'. There are products that have been clinically tested, however, the best assurance is to purchase a product that has been tested by physicians, in a clinical trial, at a recognized medical school. Human elastin based products often compliment and enhance medical procedures and other skin care products. Could this be the next possible compliment to botox treatment? Time will tell, but it certainly seems worth a try with injectable cosmetic treatments.

Creams and eye serums must contain the active ingredient SH polypeptide-50, a cosmetic ingredient derived from recombinant human Tropoelastin. All ingredients should be laboratory grade. This is just another step science is making to turn back the clock.

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