Health is a Fun Choice

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I keep a book in which I write down quotes from – anywhere and

I was reading a novel last week and the following passage jumped
out at me.

– 'People seem to be willing to lose everything as long as they
have fun. '

This statement is no more true than in the field of health.

If I were to say that the advertising media is –

– a major factor in the process of teaching us about nutrition.

– promotes the 'fun' in it's products rather than their health

– would you be insulted?

If you were given the choice between a healthy vegetable or fruit
salad vs. a product from one of the 'fast-food' franchises – would
you turn your nose up at the salad because it was boring?

Are you afraid to take the 'fun' out of eating – and simply turn a
blind eye to the culinary habits that have enveloped our 21st C

I don't want to appear to be a wowser – although I've been called
this on many an occasion due to my close observation of specifics
in the health and healing field – but the truth of the matter is

– A diet of living, live, whole foods, combined with a few simple
and effective lifestyle techniques will produce health.

– A diet of dead, denatured and chemicalised food-stuffs will
produce disease.

So perhaps the question to be faced is:

What can I do in order to make my diet more fun and my lifestyle
more healthy?

An answer to this question will be found within the teachings of
Natural Living and Natural Healing – the tenets of Nature Cure.

All the best in making fun choices.

Source by Kevin Hinton

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