Ayurvedic Astrology – Learning Your Mind And Body Type

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Vedic astrology is part of the ancient, 5,000 year old yogic tradition from India that includes hatha yoga, meditation and the healing science of Ayurveda. Traditionally, vedic astrologers would study Ayurveda so they could understand how to speak to their client's health concerns. Ayurvedic students would likewise study vedic astrology to understand the potential for and timing or absence of illness in their clients.

In Ayurveda we speak of three mind body types (doshas) which are Vata, representing the air and ether elements, Pitta, representing the fire and water elements, and Kapha, representing the water and earth elements. Knowing your body type gives you a deep understanding of what foods and activities would tend to aggravate your constitutional type and what foods and activities would tend to pacify your constitutional type.

Traditionally a person would find out their dosha type by consulting an ayurvedic physician who would diagnose their type through taking their pulse. In Ayurveda, each dosha has a different pulse and that unique pulse can be read and determined by the physician. In addition there are many physical, emotional and mental attributes that are associated with each type that can be readily observed. In general, Vata dosha tends to be dominate in light frame people, Pitta in medium frame, and Kapha in large frame.

Ayurvedic Astrology is unique in that the vedic astrologer can determine the dosha type by looking just at the astrological chart! For example, I have fiery Mars in the first house of my chart indicating high Pitta dosha. Jupiter, though, which is a watery Kapha planet is also very prominent in my chart in the angular 10th house. This would normally indicate someone with Kapha dosha. With Mars in the 1st house, though, one would read my chart as a two dosha type or Pitta-Kapha. (there are also single and tri-dosha types as well)

Ayurvedic Astrology, a synthesis of vedic astrology and ayurveda, can be extremely useful in helping you to understand how to come into greater balance physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. It can also support you by offering various remedial measures (gemstones and mantras) that offsets negative planetary influences in your chart. Most importantly, though, Ayurvedic Astrology can help you understand how to alter your lifestyle so that you have the energy and vitality to create and go for what you really want in life!

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