Natural Treatments For Acne and Skin Problems

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Many people have reported suffering with Acne for years and are regularly bothered by spots and constant skin blemishes, with regular visits to the doctor for over priced medications and salves which little or no relief

As alternative remedies become more popular many acne sufferers are seeking more herbal treatments and ways to cure this unsightly condition.

Today science has found many natural herbs that have proven successful in reducing or eliminating the embarrassing effects of acne in women. Some commonly used herbs are red clover, wild yam, primrose and black cohosh which help in striking in a natural balance of estrogen and androgen in the body.

I have found from personal experience that propolis, which is a natural product from the bees used in the form of a cream is an effective skin treatment and has cured my unsightly acne in a matter of just a few weeks, it has also improved the appearance of my skin by eliminating the infection and it also had a soothing effect on my skin and spots. A tincture of propolis can be used but it can have a temporary staining effect of the skin. Note, if you are allergic to bee stains or honey or if you are pregnant take advice from your doctor. Normally you can check your reaction to propolis by carrying out a small patch skin test before use.

To reinforce my researches I found that Doctor Edith Lauder of Vienna used these tinctures and creams on more than twenty cases of acne simplex which were completely healed by home application within a week. Interestingly, her most memorable result was in the realization of a woman who had been unsuccessfully treated with acne conglobata on her face and chin. The condition was cleared after just a few visits to her clinic .. She had many more not successes in treating dermatology conditions.

Your local health store will advise on herbal treatments. Additional herbs which have been found to acne conditions are echinacea, liquorice, salvia, dandelion root.

Some dermatologists believe that acne is a result of a deficiency of vitamin B in their diet. This lack of vitamin B can cause excess sebrum , resulting in clogged pores. Vitamin B5 in the diet has shown positive results in decreasing and healing of acne symptoms.

Take advice from an alternative medicine specialist if you are unaware of about side effects of herbal remedies, in particular on suggested dosage requirements. Also if you are taking any prescribed medicines, be sure to advise your physician or alternative medical practitioner, as many herbs should not be taken along with prescribed drugs.

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