Healing Breast Cancer

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Breast cancer has long plagued patients of both genders, viciously threatening their lives with silent tumors and self destructive cells. With breast cancer awareness at its highest, and research funding more widely available, patients have access to superb health care and treatments not only from physicians, but from natural alternatives as well. Using nature in combination with scientific advancements can increase a person's chances of beating cancer and give them healthier lives as well.

While there are lists of foods being promoted that are thought to have cancer fighting agents such as lypocene, much of the western world is unaware of the natural foods that can help fight cancer as well. One such power food is barley. Taking barley green in capsule or powder form is a healthy and relatively inexpensive way to fight cancer using thousands of enzymes to attack cancer cells and contain them. Barley helps to promote a more alkaline body as well.

Cancer is known to thrive in acidic conditions. Sodas and fried foods are major foes of an alkaline body. The PH level of the body needs to be above 7.0, as this is a signal of a non-acidic environment. PH test strips can be purchased over the counter at most health food and even drug stores. Eating foods that promote alkalinity helps in fighting cancer. Some of these foods include fresh fruit, vegetables, beets, turnips, carrots, and beans. One should always consult with their physician or primary care provider before making a change in diet.

On the scientific side of breast cancer, there are many options available for fighting this disease. Many surgical procedures are offered to eliminate tumors, some even leaving the breast intact. Chemotherapy and radiation are other popular choices, though the side effects are unpleasant. One key to healing breast cancer is to work hand in hand with a medical doctor and other holistic practices to find the treatment that is best. Incorporating mood balancing exercise, meditation and prayer into a daily routine can help alleviate stress as well, allowing the immune system to build itself stronger and more effective.

Breast cancer is not a death sentence, and is beatable in most cases, despite what stage it seems to be progressing in. With a change in diet, some help from science and a little personal time, a new breast cancer survivor can emerge, with a new and healthier outlook on life.

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