Chinese Medicine – The Magic of Chinese Remedy Revealed

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Chinese medicine system is one of the most sophisticated and difficult. It has been practiced for over 2000 years and during this period it has been enhanced even more through research and practice.

It is only when China opened its doors to the world that the traditional Chinese medicine started to spread. This ancient art of medicine is rapidly gaining popularity all around the world especially the west. However, the western scientist and doctors were skeptical at first. The potency of herbs and plants as remedies were very much doubted.

It was only after many years of research that it was found to be true. Plants such as aloe, licorice, and garlic to name a few, are found to contain natural healing properties.

Plants are the main focus as a remedy in Chinese medicine. In fact, they belief that plants are an absolute essential to life.

It consists of several technique. To name a few …

  • Acupressure
  • Cupping,
  • Herbal medicine (herbology)
  • Acupuncture,
  • Moxibustion,
  • Tuina,
  • Qi gong or Tai Qi and many others …

The principal teaching of Chinese medicine is believing in internal balance and internal harmony also known as the yin and yang. Chinese remedies teaches the principals that shows how connected all things are which is the mind, body and spirit.

For example the 'yin' believe to be water and earth and 'yang' believe to be fire and air must be in balance in order to achieve a healthy body, mind and spirit. The only way to do this is through the meridian system also known as the body's energy channels.

Chinese remedy also strongly uses the Tai Qi Chuan and Qi Gong methodology. The practice of herbal medicine is especially important as they need to know how to incorporate the supplement elements for a healthy and nutritious diet which includes minerals, herbs, vitamins plus other natural traditional remedies. The belief is that it is better to treat not just the sickness or disease but rather the whole person.

Also known as Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) or Classical Chinese Medicine (CCM), its method is also widely used to treat arthritis pain, control weight, allergies, back pain due to injury or bad posture, stress, fatigue, PMS, musculoskeletal, TMJ and even to quit smoking, just to name a few.

Athough TCM and CCM is both based on the Tao philosophies and classic Chinese beliefs, they both completely differs from each other. While CCM is strict and adheres to their ancient Chinese medicinal roots, TCM has adjusted to modern times hence, it has been accepted as a form of alternative Chinese medicine around the world, especially the west.

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