Beating Breast Cancer – One Cancer Patient's Story of Success With the 3 A's of Healing

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I've been where you are. I've heard the dreaded words, "I'm sorry. It was cancer." It's something I wouldn't wish on anyone. Yet, if you or someone you love have heard those words, I'd like to share something I stumbled across that helped me beat breast cancer – and led to rapid healing after surgery.

In fact, I had a double mastectomy. My four-hour surgery took just under two hours – and that was to the time it took to remove the breasts AND reconstruct them. I was told that I wouldn't get my implants right away. (I did.) I expected heavy bruising, but it was minimal. I was also told my ports would be in for about a week. Yet, they were removed the next day.

Now, can you expect these same results? I can't say.

I've been hesitant to share my secret publicly because frankly, some of it can seem quite weird.

My philosophy with cancer was, "I'll do whatever works. I'll do what I have to do, and use everything at my disposal."

Here are my 3 A's of Healing:

1. Allopathic – Allopathic medicine is regular, western medicine. It's surgery, morphine, lumpectomies, etc. I find that a lot of people are blatantly opposed to western medicine, or they don't trust it. (Most doctors are there for the love of what they do and want to use their gifts to help you.) There are the extreme "new age, woo woo" types who feel they "shouldn't" use allopathic medicine. Their belief goes something like this: That somehow, by using western medicine, they aren't trusting "the universe" … that if their connection to "the universe" or God or whatever were strong enough, the disease would heal itself. It is possible, however, that the universe delivers solutions and healing in the form of surgery or a pill.

2. Alternative – These are things like essential oils, herbs, chiropractic. It's now more commonly called "complementary medicine". These are other branches of medicine – usually Eastern in origin – that can help you access your body's natural capacity to heal itself. Your body DOES have the capacity to heal itself. Think about it – if you get a cut or scrape, you don't fret about whether or not you'll get better. You just KNOW that it'll heal. Some studies say that our body regularly has errant cells, like cancer, but our bodies destroy these cells. Alternative therapies can help you access the mind / body / spirit connection that can "flip the switch" and help your body do what it always does – heal.

3. Ancient – These are things like rituals, meditation, journeying, power animals, shamanic wisdom, and dreams. In fact, I found out I had cancer from a dream – a full NINE months before I was diagnosed! The little man in my dream told me precisely where the cancer was and how long I had to deal with it. A couple of months later, I had a dream that told me what treatment I needed. (This treatment was not indicated by the type of cancer I had. So, nine months later when I was told I had cancer, the doctors didn't recommend this treatment. I researched and asked for it because of the dream. , the doctors agreed that what I wanted was the best course of action especially since I was willing.)

Some of these techniques may not appeal to you. That's fine. It's not my place to convince anyone of anything. Healing is a personal journey, and that is really my point. For those who have misgivings about trying any of these therapies, I'd point out that there are many of these examples in the Bible and other accepted religious texts. Go back and take a look. (Plus, there is a growing pile of scientific research supporting the efficacy of alternative and ancient techniques – and how they can be used to support regular, allopathic treatments.)

All I know is that using all three types of healing worked wonders for me. I not only beat cancer, but my surgeries went extremely smoothly, and I recovered quicker – so much so that staff commented. (One of the surgery room staff stopped me in the grocery store months later to tell me they were still discussing my surgery and how well it went.)

I don't put this out there to brag. My point is this: When faced with this disease, use everything at your disposal.

This works precisely because it's not a "one size fits all". Yes, there's a framework, or a system, if you will.

However, the system is easily tailored to fit you "just right" … kind of like a "beat cancer cafeteria".

Cancer is a unique disease. It's terrifying – and can hold great gifts. One of which is allowing you the space to find what works for you, to get in touch with that "little voice" and trust that you know what is best for you.

Source by Sandra Gahlinger

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