Fountain of Youth – Is It Possible or Not?

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Master of Youth and Longevity; the Man Who Lived For 256 Years

We live at a time in history where anticipating life spans of 110 to 125 years is not inconceivable. We consider ourselves pioneers in a new world of anti-aging therapies and medical breakthroughs on longevity. We consider living longer, better, healthier lives to be our birthright. Stopping the clock; turning back time; we are a culture obsessed with youth. But where does the secret lie to obtaining it? The one man who did would tell you that it is a simple secret – one that lies in mental well being, a proper diet, and deep sleep.

He was a Chinese herbalist rumored to have been born in 1677, although he personally stated he was born in 1736. He practiced martial arts and summarized his formula for longevity in one sentence: "Retain a calm heart, sit like a turtle, walk swiftly like a pigeon, and sleep like a dog. " In 1930, documents dating back to 1827 revealed that the Chinese government had officially congratulated this man on attaining his 150th birthday. Later, in 1877, he was again congratulated for attaining his 200th. With more than 200 descendants and having survived 23 wives, Li Ching-Yuen should be considered the eighth wonder of the world. And yet, he believed that any of us could be just as wondrous, given the right mindset and the right diet. As an herbalist, it is said that he sold lingzhi, goji berry, wild ginseng, he shou wu and gotu kola along with other Chinese herbs, and lived off a diet of them and rice wine.

To his disciples, he taught Baguazhang and a set of Qigong movements-a practice of aligning body, breath and mind for health coordinated with specific sounds and dietary recommendations. "My longevity," he is said to have proclaimed "is due to the fact that I performed the exercises every day – regularly, correctly, and with sincerity – for 120 years."

A prophet, sent to us to show us what is possible, when he died in 1933 he stated simply to his followers that he had accomplished everything he had set out to do, and was ready to "go home."

The Science of anti-aging is beautifully demonstrated to us through stories like this one and demonstrates the profound ability of the human being to move past limitations in one's life and on to freedom and peace.

Source by Devon De La Salle

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